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Monday, November 6, 2017

Simple Nail Designs For Cold Weather

Although women tend to neglect their nails during the colder months, it is the most important time to take care of your nails! As you know, the cold air will dry out your skin. So make sure to lotion up. If you are feeling very ambitious, creating simple nail designs for the winter will make you standout for the crowd. It also gives you a chance to experiment with darker and bolder colors.

Simple nail designs for the colder months can be fun, ornate, and ostentatious. It is very common to base your designs on a color scheme or theme, such as monochromatic blues or red and green for Christmas. This image reminds me of an ice queen who is adventurous and spontaneous. Not all ice queens are somber beings who plan to take over the world!

The question is: do these simple nail designs depict a winter wonderland or a spider's web? How about the bottom of the ocean or a winter's ball? It is up to you to make that decision.

To achieve this look:

o Paint your nails black. You can also experiment with different color backgrounds to change the dominant color for these simple nail designs. 
o Take winter blue glitter nail polish and generously apply it in spurts on your nails. 
o Taking dark green glitter, fill in the gaps. Make sure to allow some black nail polish to show through your nails.

o Using a white nail art brush, make spider web-like motions on each of your nails. You may want to practice on paper first. Basically, you are making several white lines that curve. Each line connects to at least one other line. The best way to do this is to start with one line in the idle of your nail. Then, extend another line from that one and so on. The easiest way is to just look at the picture and copy what you see.

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