Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nails Designs 2015

Fashion does not exist in a vacuum. It is a culmination of colours, styles, cuts that has people excited for the opportunity to wear those clothes. Even today, fashion has managed to trickle down to the most mainstream of consumers with the overwhelming popularity of fast fashion brands. Yet, while many consumers and fashion experts are adept at describing the top fashion trends of the season, many are left stumped when asked to explain the top colour trends in the industry with equal detail. Although stylists, fashion correspondents and other professionals in the industry are trained to decipher colour, few of them talk about it to the public on a large scale. However, a fashion trend could not be born if it were not for colour. That is because colour trends and structural trends go together in the world of fashion. Take a look at the trends projected for spring/summer 2015. They are graphic, pop and garden. Now, all of those styles call for visually appealing and eye catching colours to finish the look. Thus, it is no surprise that the biggest hues for next year are emerald, violet, turquoise, creamsicle, aquamarine and a stronger version of blush. The very nature of the pop art trend and the graphic trend is to create contrast through colour. People want to see the colours mix and clash and exist to create a unique design on an item of clothing. Yet, those trends don't work as well with neutrals. They need vibrancy to come to life. These colours all pop when mixed with each other and imbibe the wearer with the season's ladylike mood or take no prisoners mood of the season. The resort collections showed a distinct preference for aquamarine and turquoise since they tend to juxtapose the colour with crisp white.

Crisp whites never go out of fashion for spring and summer and it is always a great layering colour base to display the more vibrant colours of the fashion spectrum. The resort collections play a large part in deciding which colours are in and which ones are out. That is because resort and the rest of spring/summer are guided by a prevailing season or an overwhelming mood. This is why after every other season, florals make an appearance as a trend. People are reawakening after the doldrums of winter and want to see a feminine, yet bold blush or be visually jostled by a stunning jewel-toned emerald dress. Colours evoke feelings and the general feeling is that spring/summer is a time to go on vacation. Be relaxed, be happy, wake up and throw on some sandals and head to the beach. Although there are many fans of black, there is a reason it very rarely ever makes a colour trend list for those seasons. At the other end of the spectrum is the creamsicle hue. Designers all over the world incorporated a softer version of orange that was extremely wearable, yet did not assault the senses. Not only was the colour seen on clothes, shoes and accessories, but also nails. It is slated to be one of the hottest colours in nail design and the hue has been spotted on runways and real people alike. However, although beautiful, those colours are just trends that appear after a bit of seasonal colour analysis, thus they will come and go. Indulging in every fashion whim can cost dearly and regardless of how much someone likes a trend, they do not want to spend on something that will be outdated in a year's time. Fortunately for them, colour trends appear in accessories. Therefore, it is easy for someone to get their need for a trendy item satiated in the form of accessories
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